Tutorial: Create print & cuts from any shape

The new Mr. Men/Little Miss line has been a great realease!  Many of you have asked how you might be able to make them a print and cut.  So, todays tutorial will teach you how.  Not only for these shapes but for any shape you have from the store.  Check, check it!

Start by importing your shape.

Here I ungroup it so that I can find the exact size of the pieces.  I want them to be about 2.5″ 

 You will then want to make sure you select everything to resize since you are no longer grouped together

Now that I have the right size I am going to start filling the shape.  Using the top right options toolbar we can change the color of our shapes.  Select a shape and then make sure you change the color of the fill as well as change the red outline to the color you want, in my case I do not want to see a line.

 Ok now you can see that I want to fill in his features, because there are a few pieces I want to color the same, I am going to either croup them or make them a compound path.  This little guy has eyes that I want to have the black background color and while I can fill those to be black too it is just a s easy to turn it into a compound path allowing the “holes” to exist. You can do this be going to object on your menu bar and with the shapes select click make compound path.

Now you are ready to fill!

Alright, so the pieces are all colored what I would like to see them as so now I will arrange them on top of each other and group it together so it is one shape.

I am going to be creating a magnet out of this so that each of my children will have a place to stick their artwork on the fridge.  My next step will be to add the name and then create an offset to cut out around the magnet.  Take a look at my steps below.

Grab your text tool and type out name.

Now you are ready to offset.  The Silhoeutte Studio software remembers your last fill and line actions so you will need to change them once you have the size offset you want. You can do this by selecting the offset outline and changing the fill to the empty fill and I always change the line to red since it is the standard cut line color.

I also need to add an offset around the name.  I am opting to use the round rectangle tool instead of the offset, I just want an even line.

Now you are ready to weld your 2 “offset” outlines together to make one cut line.

Ok, before you can print this to cut, you need to go to the cutline options.  Because each part of this shape was an individual piece the lines will be read as individual cuts so we need to select the entire shape and click on cut outline.  This will tell the Silhouette to cut only the outside of the shape. 

Now you are ready to add your registration marks and start printing.

Once you have your project printed, send it to the silhouette and click on detect registration marks and then after a successful detection you can click on cut.  Your project is ready to use.

I hope this helps you with other projects you have been wanting to attempt.  Have a super great start to your week!


65 thoughts on “Tutorial: Create print & cuts from any shape

  1. Can you print and cut with any material? Or can you only use regular printer paper? I understand the idea of printing but can I cut with card stock or magnet paper?

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Melissa, Any material that you can cut with the Silhouette and that also works in the printer will work with the print/cut feature. We actually carry a printable magnet paper, printable foils and sticker paper that work GREAT! You can find those here http://silhouetteamerica.com/specialtyMedia.aspx. It also works well with cardstock.

    2. Jeana, thank you for the update. Is there a specific printer out there that prints on card stock, adhesive paper, etc that you know of?

    3. jeana says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I didn’t see the email come in with your reply on this one. So, I’m sorry for the delayed response! I use an epson printer and it works great on all of the printable special media we have. My co worker uses a canon, and it works great too! I think most printers that just do printing, not the fax, scanner etc combination type, will work. Hope that helps! :)

  2. hello,
    my machine does not cut well, when it detects the cut marks (after many attempts) cuts the deformed image

    need to do some adjustment to the machine?

    1. jeana says:

      Im sorry to hear about that! Our customer support team would be happy to help you get it figured out. You may contact them at support@silhouetteamerica.com

  3. Lizzerd says:

    why is that sometimes the registration marks are found (only once so far), but every other PnC I’ve tried, the machine can’t find ‘em?!?! I use the same setting on all of them, the same printer, some are cardstock some plain paper…
    This is driving me NUTZ!! Any ideas?!?!
    luv, Liz / Calgary

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Liz,

      Our customer support team would be able to troubleshoot this for you. You may email them at support@silhouetteamerica.com They are quick to respond and happy to help :)

  4. Svea B says:

    Can you use this machine to cut out any shape or image? I work for a library and we have a different brand but you have to use the cartridges and we usually need to print our own images or shapes, so its a pain in the you-know-what. Will this machine work for us? or does it also only use shapes that must be purchased?

    1. Jeana G says:

      There are several different options, we have the Silhouette online store that has over 40,000 shapes to choose from, or you can design/cut your own shapes as well as any font that you have on your computer. :)

  5. Julie W. says:

    Do you have to use registration marks when doing a print & cut? Or is it possible to not have to use them and still get a correctly aligned cut? Thank you in advance!

    1. Jeana G says:

      Yes, you will need to print the registration marks.

  6. Sonja O says:

    Would I be able to scan an image to my computer and then import it to Silhouette Cameo for cutting or print and cut tasks?

    1. Jeana G says:

      Yes! You can open a .jpg image in Silhouette studio and use the trace feature to create a cut line around your image.

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