Monday Tutorial: Sketch and Cut

At the request of one of our great followers, here is a great tutorial to help you learn to sketch and cut out your sketched shape.

As always, start by importing your shape into your new document.  Just as a little note on this, we have darling sketch shapes for your purchase that are nice and sketchy…but any of our shapes can be sketched.  Ok so lets get started!

I am going to ungroup and get rid of the present sketch on the right.  So to do this, select the shape and right-click.  This will give you the option to ungroup.  Once this is done, select the shape pieces that you no longer want and hit delete on your keyboard or of course you can use the delete “X” in the bottom left toolbar.  You will then want to re-group the shape pieces you do want to keep.  You can do this by selecting the shape and right-click to select the group option.

Now that you have the shape you want select the shape and click on your offset button from the top right toolbar.  I want to create an outline around my sketch shape that can be cut out in the “shape” of the shape. To do this we will click the offset option.

Use the slider to determine the amount of space around your shape you would like to see. Then click apply!

Ok so all we need to do now is clean up a few pieces to get the mat to look just how we want it.  As you can see there are some extra spaces that were created.  This does not apply to every shape, but this one has tiny little dots that will be sketched so it created little holes in a few spots.  The way you can remove them is to select the offset shape and again by right-clicking you can select the release compound path.  This will essentially ungroup the compound path and allow you to remove the “holes”.

Select each “hole” and hit delete.

Here is you finished sketch.   The next steps will teach you how to sketch only what you want sketched and teach you how to only cut the outline.

In the top right toolbar select the cut style button.  You will see both the offset and sketch shape bolded in red.

   We want to sketch the shape first so by selecting the offset you will then click the no cut button.  You will see the offset shape disappear.

The next step is to  sketch the shape.  In the Cut settings you can select the sketch pen option.  and then click to send to silhouette.  Last step before the sketching starts will be to cut page.

When the sketch is complete your paper will come to a resting place before you unload.  Do not unload just yet.  Come back to the cut style options again and we will do the reverse of what we did to sketch our shape.  Select the offset and return it to a cut line and then select the sketch shape and select not cut.  Now you are ready to cut out your darling little sketch shape!


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