Monday Tutorial: Text on a path

Yes!!!  It is finally here, the ability to type text on a path.  You all will be blown away at how easy it is!!!  I promise you will use it constantly!  YAY!

Ok so start with a basic circle.  I am making a gift tag so I am choosing a specific size for it, but of course whatever size you need for your project will be perfect!

Now that we have a circle click your text tool and type out your text.  Ok super easy right, now for the magic!!

Do you see this little arrow toggle to the left of the text?  grab that little guy and drag it on to your circle. Holy cow right?  Move it around and you can place it wherever you want it.

So right now your text is on the outside of the circle.  You will see a slider bar to the left of the text now that you are on a path.  You can move it up and down to choose where you want the text placed on your path. You can also use the character spacing slider to provide the appropriate spacing while creating this as well.

Ok so now I have it exactly how I want it.  You now have your text all set up to cut out.  The path “circle” has turned gray.  This lets you know that it will not cut out the path used.  You can see this by clicking on your cut settings tool as well

I am creating a circular gift tag so I am going to make a ring that the “Happy Holidays” text will weld with.

To create this look drag your arched text to the ring.

Slice the ring just inside the “Happy Holidays” text on either side of it.

Weld the ring and “Happy Holidays” text together.  There you have it, wasn’t that super easy!  Have a great day and play away!



74 thoughts on “Monday Tutorial: Text on a path

  1. The Bells says:

    you just made my life alot easier;) Thank you so much for such a great software!!!

  2. Kim says:

    Fabulous tutorial!! I hope to win the one from LMM so I can play too!

  3. That tag is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. Alisha says:

    Awesome! Can’t tell you how great this machine would be for me as a graphic designer. It’s almost a never ending opportunity for me to crank out ideas. Here’s hoping for a late Christmas suprise!

    Came over via http://brownpaper–

  5. elise says:

    I LOVE this! I’m stopping by from Little Miss Momma. :)

  6. This is just too cute!

    I checked out this blog via the fabulous Brown Paper Packages

  7. love this, new follower from little miss momma

  8. Sarah Sary says:

    I love that you have tech support and ideas on here!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am a Silhouette user in Australia and I also do not know why the Tutorials are not in step-by-step instructions. Its seems that a number of very vital steps have been missed I too had never heard of compound paths until I read this blog. Not very helpful for people who are trying to learn this machine, but I do LOVE my Silhouette.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How do you use the knife in this design. I can’t get it to cut.

  11. These tips are perfect for a project I hope to do!

  12. Chapples says:

    Wow I think I could do this!

  13. Sheila says:

    Love it! How can I pick just one project when there are so many amazing things to do with this machine?

  14. super cute! sent from the LMM blog!!

  15. Brittany says:

    What a great tute. Thanks.

  16. rebelmom says:

    I checked out this blog according to the fabulous Brown Paper Packages. The tool looks so cool….

  17. joyhester says:

    I would love to win so cool!

  18. little miss momma sent me. i hope I can win one of these awesome machines!

  19. Amy says:

    I am so confused! I got my circle. I wrote out my words, I grabbed the toggle and dragged it onto the circle. Then nothing. The words are not wrapping! I checked to make sure I had 1.3.0 and I am not getting the words to wrap. HELP!!!

  20. Cali says:

    A video tutorial of this would be great!

  21. Kelyn says:

    I’m having the same problem as Gunda. I’d like the text to be inside the circle, at the top, and right side up. Anytime, I get the text to wrap inside the circle when I pull it to the top of the circle, the text is upside down. I’ve tried flipping the text both before and after wrapping but nothing seems to work. Anyone know if there is a way to get the software to do this??

  22. Maureen says:

    I had so much trouble with this. From other tutorials I have seen, the use of making and releasing “compound paths” is very important here. For example, you didn’t show how you got rid of the gray circle (don’t you have to release the compound path with the lettering?). And when you brought in the ring to weld with, don’t you have to first make two circles and “make compound” ?? I don’t have any design background and find compound paths so confusing, so I love it when someone breaks it down for me.

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