Faux Leather Banner

Faux leather leaves by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America



I’m so excited to try out all the new Silhouette products including the faux leather paper. The paper is quite thick and after you wash it (either by machine or hand wash) it takes on a leather-like appearance. There are so many possibilities, I cannot wait to try out more ways to use this. One tip, you’ll want to cut out your shape before washing. I didn’t have a deep cut blade yet so I used a new regular blade set at 10 to cut through the paper.



Faux leather leaves by Blooming Homestead



Here are the paper leaves before washing.



Faux leather leaves1 by Blooming Homestead



And here they are after they have been washed and dried. I folded them in half while they were damp to create a realistic feather crease that held as it finished drying.



Faux leather leaves2 by Blooming Homestead



I decided to string these up with jute to create a festive faux leather banner.



Faux leather leaves3 by Blooming Homestead



Faux leather leaves by Blooming Homestead1 for Silhouette America


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