Isn’t Tuesday just such a great day?! I mean…it’s free design day over the Silhouette Design Store! If you didn’t already know, every Tuesday Silhouette releases a free shape of the week, and it has easily become one of my favorite things to jump on my computer Tuesday mornings and see what it is. This week’s freebie by is by one of the in-house designers at Silhouette and is soooo perfect for summer time. So without further ado, I present the free shape of the week!



admit one tickets



So how am I going to use these tickets to have the best summer evah? Well, I decided that as a family we would take one evening and brainstorm all of the fun activities we want to do this summer and the places we want to go, and then write them on the back of these tickets. Each week of the summer, we will randomly choose one or two tickets off of our “clothesline” and go do what the tickets says! Once we’ve completed the activity, we’ll replace the handmade ticket with the actual ticket stub of the place we visited (where possible). Now obviously some activities won’t require the purchase of a ticket, like camping in the back yard, but for those activities we will simply turn the ticket around so we know it’s already been done. This way, the summer won’t pass us by and we think, “Gosh, we really wanted to go do that!” but didn’t make it happen.


So here we go!


You Will Need:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® or Portrait®
  • Silhouette Cutting Mat
  • Home printer
  • White cardstock
  • Ticket display of your choice (I chose one of those pre-made frames with wires strung)
  • Free design



When you open up the design in Silhouette Studio® you will see a few different sets of tickets; one set of two blank tickets, one set of two tickets with text, one chain of blank tickets, and one chain of tickets with text. For this tutorial we’re going to keep things easy-peasy and only use the chain of tickets with text.



Opened Design




Prepare the page

(1) Set your Page settings to 8.5 in. x 11 in. in the “Page Settings Window.”


(2) Set your “Cutting Mat Settings” according to the machine you’re using.


(3) Select the “Show Cut Border” option.


(4) Change the page orientation to Landscape.


(5) Show registration marks by selecting “Type 1” in the “Registration Marks Window.”



page settings




Remove all unnecessary designs

(1a) Select all of the tickets except the bottom row and click “Delete” on your keyboard.




(1b) Select all of the tickets except the bottom row, “Right-click>Delete.”


(2a) Select all of the text inside of the tickets and the ticket chain itself, “Right-click>Group” (CTRL+G on a PC).


delete unnecessary



Resize and duplicate design

(1) Click on the ticket chain and drag one of the little boxes in the corner until your ticket chain fits within the registration marks.


(2) Move the ticket chain to the top of your page (still within the registration marks), leaving only a small space between the cut border and the design.


(3) Open the “Duplicate Settings Window” and select “Column of Four.”



duplicate column 4




(4) Directly after creating your column of four, select “Duplicate Below.”



fill page




This should perfectly fit 8 rows of tickets on your page.


Customize design color

(1)While all of your ticket chains are still selected, “Right-click” anywhere on the design and select “Ungroup.”



Ungroup text from ticket




This will allow us to now fill the tickets with the colors of our choice. I chose bright, summery colors, but you can choose whatever colors match your home decor or colors your kids like.


(2) Click on one ticket chain and select a color from the “Fill Color Window.”


NOTE: Make sure you only select the ticket chain and not the text.


(3) Choose fill colors for all other ticket chains.



Color Tickets





Because we want the pre-written text to print out, we need to use the Print & Cut feature. If we were using the blank tickets also provided in this design we could simply choose the color of paper we wanted the tickets to be and cut out that paper without printing anything. 

Print out your design and adjust cut settings. To do this:

(1) Print your page by going to “File>Print.”




(2) Open the “Cut Settings Window.”


(3a) Select each ticket chain by holding down the “Shift” button (on a PC) and clicking on each chain individually.




(3B) “Left-click” and drag your cursor over each ticket chain.


NOTE: Once again, make sure you only select the ticket chain and not the text.


(4) Select “Cut Edge.”


You should now have dark red lines ONLY on the outlines of the tickets and not on the text.



cut settings




(5) Double-click on “Cardstock” as the material type and a new window will pop up allowing you to see the blade settings.


PRO TIP: Leave your cut settings to their default settings until you get a feel for your blade and materials. As your blade dulls, you may need to adjust the blade number or the thickness. More intricate designs may also require a slower speed.



blade settings




(6) Adjust your blade to match the number shown on the “Cut Settings Window.”


(7) Place printed page with registration marks on your cutting mat, making sure the orientation is “landscape.”


(8) Load mat.







(9) Select “Send to Silhouette.”







And there they are! See, wasn’t that easy?! And because of the way they’re cut, you can easily tear them into single tickets and begin writing all of those fun, summer, bucket-list plans on the back!



L1010157 L1010159L1010229 L1010222



Just look how cute this display is…



What fun things are on your summer bucket list?





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