Thankful for my Family | PixScan Kid’s Craft

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a fun craft to do with the kid’s today…



I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use my new PixScan™ and I think I have finally found a Thanksgiving craft that uses the PixScan™ in a really neat way. This Thanksgiving turkey is a craft that gets the whole family involved. Each family member paints their hand and then presses it onto sticker paper. Here’s the really neat part: by using the PixScan™ the original handprint is cut out with the Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait. I think this makes the project so special and meaningful.


Since this was the first time that I used my PixScan™, I had to calibrate my iPod so that it would work with Silhouette Studio.  If you require further instructions from what I have outlined below, here is a great link that will walk you through the calibration process.

  • Print a calibration image onto white paper
  • Take a photo of the calibration image with your camera/device.

Print Calibration Sheet


Be sure that:

  • the picture is taken on a flat surface and is head on
  • don’t use zoom
  • the lighting is even and the picture is clear
  • the picture is taken straight. A crooked picture will not work.
  • only the calibration dots show in the picture

Once the photo is taken and downloaded onto your computer, follow these steps:


Thankful for my Family | PixScan™ Kid's Craft


Your camera/device will now appear in the menu and will show that is was successfully calibrated.


Now for the fun part!

  • Have each member of your family paint their hand with washable paint and then place the hand onto white sticker paper.
  • Allow the paint to dry.

Thankful for my Family | PixScan Kid's Craft

  • Place the sticker paper onto the PixScan™ mat.
  • Take a photo with your calibrated camera/device.
  • Below is the photo that I took for this project. Ensure that all registration marks are visible.

Thankful for my Family | PixScan™ Kid's Craft

  • Import the photo into Silhouette Studio by clicking on the “Import PixScan Image from File” located in the PixScan™ window.
  • The image will now appear in Silhouette Studio.
  • Next, trace each hand by using the Trace Tool.

Tracing Hand

  • Once traced, release the compound path under the object window. This will allow you to delete any unnecessary parts of the trace.

Trace delete

  • At this point, I further tidied up the hand by editing the points.

Here is an example of how I edited the thumb. As you can see, the paint on the thumb did not press well onto the sticker paper. I decided to make a new cut line that would outline the thumb better.


Zoomed in thumb

  • Open the point editing window.
  • Erase the points to create a straight line. This image already has its points deleted but it does show the steps to achieve this result. Compare it to the image above.

Deleted Points

  • To create the thumb shape, extend the straight line to make a curved line.
  • This is created by clicking on the straight line multiple times so that new points appear.
  • Drag the line out as you continue to add new points. The end result should look something like this:

Finished Thumb


Once the hands are ready to cut, the process for using the PixScan™ is the same as using the regular cutting mat.

  • Open the cut settings window
  • Select white sticker paper
  • Adjust the blade
  • Send to Silhouette

Take a look at the precision of this cut:


Thankful for my Family | PixScan Kid's Craft


Isn’t that fantastic? The thumb turned out great too and I love that I am able to cut the original print of my family’s hands. It makes it so much more authentic.


To assemble the craft:

  • Use transfer paper to assemble the hands since many fingers are not attached to the hands. It was easy to line up the hands since the transfer paper was a bit transparent.

Thankful for my Family | PixScan Kid's Craft

  • Once all of the handprints are put into place, add the turkey shape on top by using glue or double-sided adhesive.
  • Lastly, have your child write “Thankful for my Family” onto the poster.

Thankful for my Family | PixScan™ Kid's Craft


There you have it, a cute family craft for your Thanksgiving celebration this year. Thank you for stopping by!



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