Happiness (Is a New Pair of Shoes)


Hello everyone!


Today I’m going to share with you how I used a rhinestone design and the Rhinestone Template Material. It’s super fun & easy . . . and it doesn’t have to be just for clothing and material!  I actually used it on my scrapbook layout.



HappinessLO|Cari Locken for Silhouette



I simply chose a rhinestone design (chevron arrows) and cut it out of some Silhouette Rhinestone template material. Make sure to select “Rhinestone Template Material” in the Cut Settings screen of your software. Change the blade depth, if needed.


Tip: DO NOT resize the cut design as this will change the size of the holes and your rhinestones will not fit the design then. These designs are already the current size for the rhinestones.



screen shot rhinestones



rhinetonetemplate|Cari Locken for Silhouette



Once it was cut out I peeled off the template material from the backing—do this in one quick motion. (Don’t worry, it won’t rip or tear. It just helps get all those little pieces off.) If you happen to have any small pieces that still need to get poked out, do so with a small tool (like the Silhouette hook).






I then placed the template material onto the rhinestone backing board.


I poured out the rhinestones and gently brushed them into the holes of my design.  You can use the small brush that comes with the rhinestone kit or your finger like I did.






You’ll notice that I used a larger sized rhinestone with my design. It was easy to place these using the Silhouette Pick-me-up® tool.








Once the rhinestones were all in place, I cut a small strip of Rhinestones Transfer Tape, making it the same size as the template material. Then I placed it over top of the rhinestones & template material. After that, I pressed down over the rhinestones to make sure they all adhered to the tape.


I peeled off the rhinestone template material and my design was on the back of the transfer tape.



transfertape|Cari Locken for Silhouette





Next, I placed the transfer tape onto my layout. Just a gentle press into place is all that’s needed.


If you were doing this on fabric, you would use an iron to set the rhinestones but I didn’t want to use an iron on my layout in case I burned the white paper. So I used the Silhouette Rhinestone Setter to adhere all of the rhinestones into place. It took a bit longer, but the end effect is great!



settingrhinestones|Cari Locken for Silhouette






The rest of my title was cut from Silhouette Corrugated paper using the font Impact (which was just off my computer).



rhinstonesclose|Cari Locken for Silhouette



I also added a few rhinestones to the flip flop design and heart shapes on my layout.



rhinestoneonflipflop|Cari Locken for Silhouette



flipflops|Cari Locken for Silhouette



I hope that I’ve encouraged you to try out the Rhinestone Template Material on your next project. Thanks for popping by!


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