Tutorial | DIY Nail Art


For those of you with tween and teen girls around, I have such a fun project for you! Did you know that your Silhouette can create amazing nail art stencils? Well it can…and it is a blast!



For this project you’ll need:

  • adhesive vinyl
  • colored base coat nail polish
  • accent color nail polish
  • clear top coat nail polish


  • First choose your nail art design from the online store. If you search “nail design” a variety of choices should appear. I let my little sister pick out the design she wanted since they’re her nails being decorated. After some serious deliberation she chose the zig zag design. Cut the design out of adhesive vinyl being careful not to resize the shape. Use a hook to remove excess vinyl pieces.


  • Paint the nails with the colored base coat. Let the nail polish dry completely. Apply a second layer if needed.
  • Apply a layer of clear nail polish. While this isn’t necessary, I find it helps the vinyl adhere better and produce cleaner lines. Let the clear coat dry completely.


  • Place the vinyl nail stencils on each nail. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. You should be able to easily remove and readjust each stencil until it is just right. The inside of each stencil should go over the edge of the nail. Use your fingers to smooth the stencil out making sure it is adhered well to the nail.


  • Carefully apply the accent color of nail polish over the stencil. If you need a second coat go ahead and apply it. Let the nail polish dry for a bit, but remove the stencil before it is completely dry.


  • Apply the clear top coat and let it dry.



Aren’t they incredible? My little sister is in love with her fun nails. Creating these for her earned me repeated squeals of “You’re so awesome!”. Does anyone else feel like their Silhouette gives them super powers? Amazing, crafty, make things people love kind of super powers!





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