I love using graphic designs to decorate whenever I can.  I have a bunch of fabric covered bins in my house and I love finding fun ways to label them with Silhouette’s adhesive vinyl.  I love using the adhesive vinyl because then if I change my mind about what I want to use the bin for I can easily change the vinyl label as well.


DIY Bin Label|Amy Cox for Silhouette


I have a lot of bins I could decorate, but I started out with these two.  I love doing nails and knitting.  Both of these hobbies create a mess that I have to organize.  So I went on a search of the Silhouette design store to find designs that would inspire me.  I found this cute nail polish design and this awesome knitting ball design.  They turned out really fun.  My daughter LOVES them, or at least loves playing in them.  :)


DIY Bin Label|Amy Cox for Silhouette


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