Hey Y’all Kitchen Towel

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and before you know it we’ll be well on the way to a full fledged BBQ season. With every summer soiree and BBQ, I’m always thinking about hostess gifts that are easy to give. There’s nothing worse than when you’re invited to said BBQ and the host says “oh don’t bring anything, just yourself”.


I’d much rather be told to bring some potato salad so when that’s not the case, my usual go to is a bottle of my favorite beverage.



I discovered I could whip up a Hey Y’all Kitchen Towel in 15 minutes flat.


Hey Y'all Kitchen Towel|Aimee Broussard for Silhouette


This was my very first project with the heat transfer material and I must say I’m a tad obsessed. I literally made a set of these flour sack towels in less than time than it would take to boil the potatoes for the potato salad. And when I say I made a “set”, I really mean I made one for my hostess gift and of course, one for myself.

  • You simply choose the design you want to add to your towels and reverse the image by right clicking and selecting flip horizontally. It seems odd to reverse the image, but it’ll make sense later.

Hey Ya'll Kitchen Towel Instructions

  • Follow the instructions on the heat transfer material packaging, being sure to feed the material into your Silhouette without the mat and with the glossy side down.
  • You’ll also want to change the material type settings on your machine to the type of transfer material you’re using- smooth, flocked, etc. (see lower right portion of cut settings).

Kitchen Towel Instructions

  • Send your design to the Silhouette to cut.
  • Trim around the edges of the design and using the weeding tool, remove the negative space from your design. When you flip the design, your image should be displayed properly underneath the clear plastic.

Hey Y'all Kitchen Towel

  • Place the design directly onto your kitchen towel with the plastic closest to you and in the position you want it. Place a cloth between the image and the iron and firmly iron for 45-60 seconds. Allow to cool slightly then gently remove the clear plastic.

Want to be a real fancy pants? Use the new towel as gift wrap!


Hey Y'all Kitchen Towel|Aimee Broussard for Silhouette


Tie on some ribbon, and you’re all set.


Hey Y'all Kitchen Towel|Aimee Broussard for Silhouette


Do you have a favorite saying you’d like to see on a kitchen towel? I’m looking to make some more towels for Bunco prizes!


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