Crepe Paper Wrapped Mummy Tutorial

Are you looking for a last minute Halloween project to do with your kids? These mummies are easy to make and only require a few supplies. All you’ll need is chipboard, white cardstock, white crepe paper streamers, and a printer.


  • Enlarge the paper doll design as large as you can. Ungroup it and delete everything but the outline. Cut it out of chipboard.


  • Resize the spooky eyes. Turn on the registration marks and print the eyes out on white cardstock. Did you know that you can raise the bottom inset mark? I do this to save paper when I’m using the print and cut feature on small designs. All you have to do is use the slider or type in the amount to adjust it.


  • Send your printed spooky eyes through your Silhouette to read the registration marks and cut the outside of the design.
  • Adhere the spooky eyes to the mummy.


  • Use scissors to cut the streamer in half. Thinner streamer is easier to wrap around the mummy. Tape one end of the streamer to the back of the mummy. Wrap it around, covering the chipboard as much as possible. Twist and crinkle the crepe paper as you go to give it character. When you get to the eyes try to let them peek through.
  • Secure the end of the streamer to the back of the mummy with a piece of tape.



Your mummy is ready for a frighteningly good time.



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