Stamp Material DIY | Fall Gift Tags

Fall Stamped Gift Tag DIY | Brittany Sazonoff


Guys, first off…if you haven’t gotten a chance to play with the Silhouette Stamp Material yet…boy oh boy. This was my first time using it, and I am in love! It is so easy to use, and works so well! With Thanksgiving’s Day right around the corner, these are the perfect gift tags to have on hand for those planned (and not-so-planned) gift-giving moments! Want to make your own? The full tutorial is below.


Leaf Stamped Gift Tags Silhouette Cameo by Brittany Sazonoff

To Begin:
1. I started by cutting out gift tag shapes in a variety of sizes. This gives you extra to play with, and a variety to use on different sized gifts. Play with different colored cardstocks too until you find what you like!
2. Pick the design you want to stamp from the Silhouette Design Store. There are so many great leaf designs available, but I went with the ‘stem’ section of the the Stained Glass Leaves design file.

Silhouette Design Studio | Stamp Material DIY by Brittany Sazonoff


3. Size your leaf shapes to the size you want and lay them out on the cutting mat board in Silhouette Design Studio. Reminder: There is a special cutting mat for the Silhouette Stamp Material. Be sure to change the Page Settings so that your screen shows the Stamp Material Cutting Mat as it does above.

4. With the stamp material on the Cutting Mat for Stamp Material, send your design through your Cameo or Portrait. Peel your design from the cutting mat and remove any extra unwanted bits and apply it to an acryclic block. (Your stamp will stick right to it like magic. Seriously.)
Now it’s time to ink up, and get to stampin! Oh, and don’t worry if your you get ink all over your acrylic block. Unless it is really exessive, it shouldnt get in the way of your stamping. If it is, just use a paper towel to wipe around the stamp, and you’re back to business. Phew.

Stamped Gift Tags | DIY STAMP by Brittany Sazonoff


DIY Fall Stamped Gift Tags | by Brittany Sazonoff


Stamp Material DIY | Fall Gift Tags by Brittany Sazonoff


I tried different ink colors as well as different layouts for my “pattern” creating. By that I mean, how “wild” I let myself get with my stamping. Zero technique involved. There is no right or wrong way, especially when adding a little handmade touch to gift-giving, so play around and have fun! This may even be a fun project to bring the kiddos in on, because even they can appreciate how awesome it is that you can create your own stamp, at home, in a matter of minutes. Happy Crafting, indeed!



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Designs Used:

Stained Glass Leaves


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